Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes 266th pontiff and takes name Pope Francis

New Pope 3

The Pilgrims at St Peter’s Square

New Pope 1

The Announcement at Vatican City

New Pope

The Roman Catholic Church Has a New Pope

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The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope. The smoke came billowing out shortly after 6:00pm signalling the end of the conclave. The bells of St Peter’s soon confirmed the conclusion.

Vatican Conclave 2013 Begins Tuesday March 12, 2013

Sistine Chapel 3-11-2013

As the anticipation rises for the Catholic Church, we reflect on the fact that all of the speculation and attempt to guess who is the next Pope is exactly that. The faithful are now engaged in prayer asking God to bless us with a Spiritual leader that will continue His Holy work among the people of the world.… Continue reading

Vatican Papal Conclave 2013

 The Gathering of Cardinals

This week the Cardinals from all around the world are gathering to begin the age-old tradition of the Papal conclave to elect the 266th Pope. The Catholic Church now sits in anticipation of who will be the next Vicar of Christ seated on the chair of St Peter. Faithfully we know that God… Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI Says He Will Resign

By ELISABETTA POVOLEDO and ALAN COWELL                                                Pope Retires
Published: February 11, 2013 Reposted

ROME… Continue reading