A Heart After God’s Own Heart

A Heart after God’s own Heart

Sacred Heart of Jesus

By Gregory Huston

After just finishing up with year one of the Denver Archdiocese Biblical School, where seven months were spent studying the Old Testament, I spent some time reflecting upon what I consider to be the most important thing to be taken away from all of the stories surrounding our salvation history.  There is one verse within one story that stands out to me that I feel the Old Testament is intending for us to carry within ourselves.

The Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart

-1 Samuel 16:7 RSV

At this time within the story, Saul had been anointed King over the people of Israel upon their request.  Israel did not have faith in God as their one true king after all God had done for them and they wanted a king like all of the other nations.  They did not have the patience to wait for the king that God already had in mind for them, but rather demanded a king be given to them right at that moment in time.  So God gave the people what they wanted even though they were impatient.  It was this Saul from the tribe of Benjamin that was chosen.  He was a man of impressive stature and more handsome than anyone in Israel. He was exactly the kind of king that the people wanted.  However, he was more concerned with his appearance rather than his relationship with God.  He was more concerned with his vanity and what others thought of him rather than being content with the man in mirror.  Saul fell from the grace of God because of his selfish pride.  He thought that he could rule his people without the help and dependence of God.  He rejected the word and commandments of God and so God rejected him.  He tried to take it back but it was too late. God had already decided to give His grace to someone more deserving, someone more grateful, and someone with a heart after His own heart.  David was this man that was chosen because his heart was after God’s own heart.  He was not a perfect man as he had many other flaws himself, but what made him righteous in the eyes of God was that he was contrite in his heart for all of the sins he had committed.

When people go thru tribulations in life whether it is a divorce, a loss of a loved one, an illness such as cancer, or any other affliction, they ask themselves, “Why did this have to happen to me?”  We get frustrated and impatient with where we are in life.  Many times it takes a serious life altering event for us to turn our hearts to God.  Perhaps it is God himself that allowed this to happen for our greater good.  Is it possible that our faith in God was lukewarm or not even there at all?  If we were made by God, it is His ultimate desire that we seek Him and return to Him.  He will go to no end to bring us back to Him even it means that He must allow evil that is present in this world to come upon us. He wants to reside in our heart and He will do whatever it takes to awaken it.  He does not care about outward appearance.  He does not care about a person’s affliction. He does not care about what others or the world thinks of you.  He only cares about one thing, your heart.  This Friday, June 3rd is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Let us place our hearts emblazon with love at the foot of the cross and realize that it is Jesus’ heart that has taken the place of our own.