IOTT Mobile Ministry

Prayer Scripture Laying on of Hands

These are the prayers that help us begin when we are out ministering to the sick and dying. Put you Armor on before you enter the Battle! Take the time to prepare your Battle Plan! May our Lord Jesus be with you in your journey.

1) Always start with The Prayer Of Protection

2) Discern in the spirit what prayers are needed. Binding, Generational, Trauma, Healing, Deliverance, Protection, Forgiveness, Repentance, Close the session with Psalm 91.

3) The one receiving prayers does not need to be conscious. Some times it is advantageous to speak to the evil one with out the confusion of the person if you discern one present. The sub conscience of the person can hear what is said.

4) Always END with  The Prayer To Be Set Free (Ending Prayer)


Propter Gloriam Dei !