Aaronic Blessing


HEBREW:   ye- va- re- khe- kha Adonai

ENGLISH:   The Lord Bless You

Meaning:       May YAHWEH (He who exists) kneel before me presenting me gifts!

HEBREW:   ve- yish- me- re- kha

ENGLISH:   and Keep You

Meaning:       May YAHWEH (He who exists) guard me with a hedge of thorny protection that will prevent Satan and all my enemies from harming me. May He protect my body, mind, spirit, my loved ones and all my possessions!

HEBREW:    ya-‘er Adonai pa- nav e-ley- kha

ENGLISH:     The Lord make His face to shine upon you

Meaning:       May YAHWEH (He who exists) illuminate the wholeness of His being toward me continually bringing order, so that I will fulfill my God- given destiny and purpose.

HEBREW:     vi- chun- ne- ka

ENGLISH:     and be gracious to you

Meaning:       May YAHWEH (He who exists) provide me with perfect love and fellowship (never leaving me) and give me sustenance (provision) and friendship!

HEBREW:     yi- sa Adonai pa- nav e- ley- kha

ENGLISH:     The Lord lift His countenance on you

Meaning: May YAHWEH (He who exists) lift up and carry His wholeness of being toward me (bringing everything that He is to my aid- supporting me with His entire being)!

HEBREW:     ve- ya- sem   le- kha   sha- lom

ENGLISH:     And give you peace

Meaning:         And may YAHWEH (He who exists) set in place all that I need to be whole and complete so I can walk in victory, moment by moment, by the power of the Holy Spirit. May He give me supernatural health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfection, fullness, rest, harmony, as well as absence of agitation and discord!


Deacon Brian

& Dee Kerby                www.intercessorsofthetrinity.org