Kari’s Divine Encounter with God
“Hello” “Hi Lori! This is Kari. Do you remember me from karate class a few years back.” “Oh yea Kari, Yes I remember you.” That was how the conversation started. We talked for a few minutes and soon she was interrupted by her husband. I could hear him asking in the background. “Who are you talking to? Her reply, “Do you remember Kari from karate?” The next thing I heard was like a knife stabbing me in the heart. “The snow blower lady?” “Yes, the snow blower lady” “Oh sorry, Kari, my husband just wanted to know who I was talking to. Anyway, so …. blah, blah, blah” To be honest my heart and mind was numb from what I had just heard. How could they speak of my worst nightmare with such flippancy? I looked  for a way to end the conversation quickly. Those 4 little words ripping through my heart like a miter saw. Would I be forever known to some as the snow blower lady? I am going to press the rewind button on this story and go back a couple years to a Colorado, Spring day in March. .........continue reading
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