Novena to The Holy Spirit 
DAY TWO I'M SORRY O Holy Spirit, my curiosity has tempted me to begin reading this second day of my Novena instead of spending this time trying to learn how to listen to Your promptings. I always know better than my teacher and did not think it would make any difference. I do not let You guide me because I do not KNOW how to listen to You. In fact, I do not even listen to those who have had the experience of learning how to listen. WAKE ME UP Give me Your gift of COUNSEL by reminding me numerous times during this day to talk to You as I would talk to my very best human friend. COUNSEL me by reminding me to dwell on these thoughts of my first and second day of this Novena. GIVE ME A SHOVE Remind me, O Holy Spirit, to express my gratitude to You who have given me so much. My faith, hope and ability to love. My home, friends, relatives and the fact I have life. Do not let me be one of the nine lepers who did not return to show gratitude. Thank You, O Holy Spirit, thank You. END OF DAY TWO NEVER STOP TRYING THE HOLY SPIRIT DEMANDS FAITH MAN INVENTED TIME TIME MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GOD THIS NOVENA CANNOT BE EXHAUSTED EVERY TIME YOU MAKE THIS NOVENA THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL ADD TO IT WHEN YOU PRAY YOU TALK TO GOD WHEN GOD TALKS TO YOU DO YOU  LISTEN? Nihil obstat: Edward J. Gratsch February 13, 1997 Imprimatur: Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati, February 19, 1997
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Day Two