Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties God tells us that when a man and wife are united, “they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) In a marriage, this is a powerful bond that is usually good.  But if we participate in sexual activity outside of marriage, or if there is domination or manipulation involved in a relationship, there may be an unhealthy “soul tie.” The soul is where the mind, intellect, will and emotions reside. In a healthy relationship, both people benefit – we are fed with positive interactions and come closer to God, following His plan for us. In an unhealthy relationship, we are led farther away from God, and negative emotions and actions take over.  Turmoil, obsession, clinging, over- attachment, hatred, submission or dominance can all be signs of unhealthy soul ties. If you suspect an ungodly soul tie is hindering your walk with God and blocking the healing you are seeking, look at your close emotional bonds:  coaches, teachers, mentors, parent/child, employer/employee, and best friends. The following prayer is from Rodney Hogue, author of “Forgiveness.” Ask the Lord to reveal any soul ties you have, and then pray this prayer for each person you have had a soul tie with. (A “one flesh” union applies to physical or emotional bonding.) Breaking Soul Ties prayer: In the authority and name of Jesus, I plead to the Cross and the blood of Jesus to stand between me and ____________to separate the “one flesh” union. I send back to ____________everything that I have taken from (him/her) in the one flesh union, and I call back to me everything that I gave to (him/her) in the “one flesh” union. I declare the Cross and blood of Jesus to be a wall of separation between us. Thank you Jesus for restoring my soul. Amen!