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Healing By Francis MacNutt - Ave Maria Press (1999) - Paperback - 268 pages - ISBN 0877936765 This new, revised, and expanded edition of MacNutt's bestselling book Healing provides a context within which to understand healing. Covers topics including the basis of the healing ministry, kinds of healing, and the connections between sacraments and healing. MacNutt discusses new discoveries of connections between the spiritual and the physical, including scientific inquiries into the healing power of prayer. Abba's Child By Brennan Manning - NavPress (2002) - Paperback - 192 pages - ISBN 1576833348 Many Christians feel broken and angry but don't think they can express these real feelings around others--or to God. So we put on a mask to hide our identity. Feelings of embarrassment and shame make us hide from the One who truly loves us. Author Brennan Manning encourages you to let go of this stressful, unreal impostor lifestyle and freely accept your identity as a child of God. Find the rest that you long for as you grow in character and accept His lordship. Includes discussion questions. In His Own Image By Arthur Mathias - Dr. Art Mathias (2010) - Paperback - 246 pages - ISBN 0972065628 Is there a connection between our thoughts and health? This question has been asked for thousands of years. In this book, Dr. Mathias explains the connection between negative emotions (sin) and disease. It is written from the viewpoints of psychology, medicine and scripture and is highly documented with over 140 clinical studies. These clinical studies from psychology and medicine clearly demonstrate how negative emotions destroy our immune system. Medicine and psychology can identify the connection between the mind and body but they leave out the "things of the Spirit". Only God has the ability to bring closure and heal the broken heart and broken body. The spiritual roots of over 200 diseases are discussed. Addictions & Grace By Gerald G. May - HarperCollins Publishers (2007) - Paperback - 224 pages - ISBN 0061122432 Addiction and Grace offers an inspiring and hope–filled vision for those who desire to explore the mystery of who and what they really are. May examines the "processes of attachment" that lead to addiction and describes the relationship between addiction and spiritual awareness. He also details the various addictions from which we can suffer, not only to substances like alcohol and drugs, but to work, sex, performance, responsibility, and intimacy. Drawing on his experience as a psychiatrist working with the chemically dependent, May emphasizes that addiction represents an attempt to assert complete control over our lives. Addiction and Grace is a compassionate and wise treatment of a topic of major concern in these most addictive of times, one that can provide a critical yet hopeful guide to a place of freedom based on contemplative spirituality. If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat By John Ortberg, Stephen Sorenson, Amanda Sorenson - Zondervan (2003) - Paperback - 128 pages - ISBN 0310250560 This is the participant's guide to the Silver Medallion award-winning six session curriculum based on the critically acclaimed author's book. John Ortberg teaches participants the skills essential to “water-walking” in faith with God: discerning God's call, transcending fear, risking faith, managing failure, and trusting God. The separate complete curriculum kit includes a leader's guide, a participant's guide, a Closed Captioned DVD video and VHS video, and a hardcover edition of the book. Everyone’s Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare By Ron Phillips - Strang Book Group (2010) - Paperback - 288 pages - ISBN 1616381272 Everyone's Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare is a basic training manual for anyone who wants to understand spiritual warfare principles and know how to stand against satanic attacks. By incorporating demon-defying principles in our daily spiritual lives, we can learn to put the enemy to flight and move from bondage into freedom. The author also identifies several specific demonic spirits that attack God's people, and provides strategies for overcoming evil in our lives. They Shall Expel Demons By Derek Prince - Baker Publishing Group (1998) - Paperback - 256 pages - ISBN 0800792602 This practical guide to deliverance from demons discusses seven commonly asked questions (including "Do Christians ever need deliverance?") and how to receive and minister deliverance. The Holy Longing By Ronald Rolheiser - Doubleday (1999) - Hardback - 257 pages - ISBN 0385494181 Ronald Rolheiser makes sense of what is frequently a misunderstood word: spirituality. In posing the question "What is spirituality?" Father Rolheiser gets quickly to the heart of common difficulties with the subject, and shows through compelling anecdotes and personal examples how to channel that restlessness, that deep desire, into a healthy spirituality.This book is for those searching to understand what Christian spirituality means and how to apply it to their own lives. Rolheiser explains the nonnegotiables--the importance of community worship, the imperatives surrounding social action, the centrality of the Incarnation, the sustenance of the spiritual life--and how spirituality necessarily impacts every aspect of human experience. At the core of this readable, deeply revealing book is an explanation of God and the Church in a world that more often than not doubts the credibility of both. The Transformation of the Inner Man By John Loren Sandford, Paula Sandford - Strang Book Group (2007) - Paperback - 240 pages - ISBN 159979067X Click Here for Sample Chapter! Transforming the Inner Man By John Loren and Paula Sandford This foundational book will equip each believer with the basic steps to a life- transforming, deeper intimacy with the Father.Transforming the Inner Manintroduces the keys that reach to the depth of the heart with the power of the cross and resurrection to effect lasting change through continual death and rebirth. John and Paula Sandford take a no- nonsense approach to Christian living. A few of their chapter titles are as follows: bull; Sanctification and Transformation bull; Performance Orientation bull; The Central Power and Necessity of Forgiveness bull; The Role of a Christian Counselor bull; Bitter-Root Judgment and Expectancy bull; Generational Sin In this thought-provoking and sensitive message, the Sandfords challenge every believer to focus on change from the inside out-a change that will last. The Healing Light By Agnes Mary White Sanford - Random House Publishing Group (1983) - Paperback - 192 pages - ISBN 0345306600 The classic book on healing in America by one of our most renowned spiritual writers. Filled with practical advice, it is dedicated to helping people everywhere tap the creative energy that God offers to people of faith -- a love both limitless and available, if only we seek it Miracle Hour By Linda Schubert - Linda J. Schubert (1997) - Paperback - 48 pages - ISBN 0963264303 This wonderful booklet has helped over 700,000 people implement a daily prayer routine. The author provides a quick and easy method of spending five minutes per prayer 12 times a day. The Charism of Tongues By Fr. Michael Sears (1997) - Paperback - 48 pages - ISBN 1579183565 / 9781579183561 A Gift of Prayer and Edification Authority in Prayer By Dutch Sheets - Bethany House (2007) - Paperback - 185 pages - ISBN 0764204068 Best-selling author shows how Christians can take hold of their God-given authority for a more powerful and effective prayer life. A Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life By Hannah Whitall Smith -Random House Publishing Group (1986) - Paperback - 224 pages - ISBN 0345335864 More than a century after its first publication, this small treasure is an uplifting guide to the true meaning of the Bible's message:We have all been endowed by our Creator with the strength and spirit to move beyond life's difficulties and attain the shining happiness that is Christianity's promise. Victory in the Eye Gate By Maria Vadia - Random House Publishing Group (1986) - Paperback - 224 pages - ISBN 1-57918-389-1 Our eyes belong to God! Victory in the Eye Gate will help you to understand how important it is to protect our eye gate in order that we can see as God sees. Maria Vadia provides unique insights through scripture and practical example into many facets of our lives that must be transformed by the Holy Spirit if we are to truly walk with Jesus. She covers a wide range of subjects including lust of the eyes and pornography, lack of compassion and avarice. Maria teaches us we are called to live as God's sons and daughters able to see not only with our natural eyes but in the spiritual realm. There is a battle for our eyes! We need to surrender our eye gate to the Holy Spirit so we can see what the Lord is doing in our midst. As temples of the Holy Spirit and co-laborers with Him (2Cor. 6:1), we need to see with His eyes and from His perspective so we can release the Lord's plans and see His Kingdom extended on earth as it is in heaven. As a prophetic people, we are to walk by revelation so that we can be "light" in the midst of darkness. We have been empowered to carry on with the works of Jesus and we are not alone in this; we partner with the Holy Spirit! Victory in the Eye Gate is a must-read for those who wish to progress in the spiritual life. "The eye is the lamp of the body, so if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light: but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness." (Matt. 6:22-23) Power in the Tongue By Maria Vadia - Queenship Publishing Company (2002) - Paperback - 70 pages - ISBN 1579181996 The virtue of self control is so needed in our day and age. There's Power in Your Tongue gives practical concrete ways to grow inthat virtue by a very convincing presentation of biblical truths. There is power in the spoken word for good and for evil. There is so litle written about guarding our speech and yet our Lord warns us that every unguarded word would be judged. By Maria Vadia - Queenship Publishing Company (2002) - Paperback - 70 pages - ISBN 1579181996 The virtue of self control is so needed in our day and age. There's Power in Your Tongue gives practical concrete ways to grow inthat virtue by a very convincing presentation of biblical truths. There is power in the spoken word for good and for evil. There is so litle written about guarding our speech and yet our Lord warns us that every unguarded word would be judged. The Supernatural Ways of Royalty Supernatural Ways of Royalty reveals your true identity as a child of the King of Kings, royal heir to the eternal Kingdom of God. Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson denounce the pauper mentality many Christians have and present your royal inheritance through Christ's ultimate act of redemption. The Authors personal, supernatural experiences will convince you of your own royal status and inspire youto claim your personal inheritance gift from your Father, the King of Kings.Written by authorities in Christian Living, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty: Discovering Your Rights and Privileges of Being a Son or Daughter of God by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson provides an excellent foundation for Christian Living studies. Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson’s style is excellently suited towards Christian Living studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject. What’s more, the text is available in the Paperback format shown above (ISBN 9780768423235), as well as a number of other formats. As of April 2006, this revision raises the bar for The Supernatural Ways of Royalty: Discovering Your Rights and Privileges of Being a Son or Daughter of God’s high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost Christian Living studies textbooks
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