Lori’s Testimony
My name is Lori. I have been visiting the barn when I can for a few months and have learned so much about myself and healing through this experience. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with ovarian cancer and have been in full remission twice. I have always believed that God has carried me in the palm of his hand all the way through this. I have had many blessings along the way. Last week, was incredibly powerful. First of all, I have had a persistent pain under my right rib for months. I left here with that pain gone. It has tried to make a return several times and I have simply held my hand there and told the pain that in Jesus name I am healed and the pain is not welcome. The pain goes away immediately. That, in itself, is a miracle to me and a great blessing not to have a constant reminder of illness. Once a month, my nurse draws a blood test called a CA125. This is a tumor marker and for me has always been a good indicator of my health. It had climbed to 248 this summer and a month ago was 170. When I had chemo Wednesday, the blood test was drawn and I knew I had a 2 day wait. My doctor has never called me with those results and at 8:15 Friday morning I got a call that my CA125 is now only 40 ...below 35 is considered normal! My doctor was absolutely shocked. It has never dropped  that much in one month and I even missed a week of chemo because I was too sick the week prior from a surgery resulting in infection and a bad reaction to some antibiotics. As I already said, I have learned so much about healing from Brian and Dee and so many others here. One thing that strongly affected me was when a man here told me he believed I needed to heal my broken heart. This started many hours of self-reflection and thoughts about forgiveness and I realized it was me I needed to forgive. I firmly believe that I will be fully healed. I am on chemo, on a strict vegan diet and do everything I can to promote health but I know the healing is through prayer. I have to come to the point that I really believe that I am worthy of being healed. I understand God's unconditional love now and that my perception was so wrong. God’s love for me is so much bigger than the way others love me and way, way more than I have loved myself. Even a sinner, like me, not so unlike the woman at the well, deserves his love and healing touch. I believe He has big things planned for me! Lori Urban
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Update: Lori called Deacon Brian on 10-10-2012 and shared with him her latest results. The CA 125 is at 31 (remission/normal) and her PET CT results show no cancer anywhere in her body! November 27th 2012: CA125 is at 17. Her doctor had told her to expect her levels to go up and when does she want to start chemo, before or after Christmas. To her doctor’s surprise her levels went down again setting her into the lower end of the normal range. Her doctor said to continue what she is doing (receiving prayer) and to return for testing at the end of January! “Not too long ago her dad, Jerry was starting to lose faith and he feared that she would never be healed”, today she is contemplating plans for returning to college!