1. NAME the FEAR or STRONGHOLD:  Take notice of your thoughts or thought patterns and try to name the fear behind them, be specific.  Ask the Lord. Try prayers that use the imagination like: (Ignatian, Theophostic, Immanuel). Words of knowledge. Ask God the Father… Soaking prayer. A. Names of Emotional, Physical, Spiritual strongholds: 1. Emotional: Words like: (depression, anxiety, worry, doubt, fears, anger, infirmity, disease, trauma, pain, name the Sin, oppression, rage, rationalization and justification, pride, death of a loved one, unforgiveness, lack of -Trust in God (Trinity; all 3 persons), pride, guilt, shame, bitterness, resentment, hate, self hate, self-pity, self –righteousness, jealousy, envy, rejection, abandonment, occult, etc.) B. Identify the root, and the lies and vows behind it: 2. CROSS:  Tell the Lord that you have allowed this fear or stronghold into your life and confess it. Tell Jesus that you are sorry and ask for forgiveness; you may also need to forgive yourself, others, God, etc. Salvific Love Prayer: 1.meditation on the cross 2. Have Jesus tell you what wound has He already suffered for your issue 3. Take it to the Cross and meditate on how much Jesus suffered already for it. 4. Leave it there in the wound: Thank Jesus for taking care of it 5. Torn Veil: Step through the Cross, through the veil that was torn for us on Good Friday and into the throne room to walk in relationship with Him. 3. CURSE AGAINST IT AND CUT IT OFF:  Things like CA cut off what feed it! 4. CANCEL SATAN’S AUTHORITY:  This takes his authority away that you gave him to be in this area. 5. INVITE JESUS TO TAKE AUTHORITY IN THIS AREA:  Again, name the fear or stronghold and invite Jesus to take authority over this area (be specific, physical, emotional, spiritual).  Release the “SWORD IN THE SPIRIT” the Word of God. 6. INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT TO FILL THIS AREA:  The Holy Spirit will speak truth and help heal this area but will never go against your will. FOR PHYSICAL HEALINGS PRAY HOMEOSTASIS IN TO THE BODY.  Seal it with the BLOOD of JESUS ! 7. LISTEN TO THE LORD: Ask the Lord to speak his words of truth.                        Web site:
Revelation Prayer
The Seven Trumpets