Family Solution Center For Mind, Body, And Spirit
Our vision:  An Integrative Healthcare Center where God is a partner in healing Responding to a call for New Evangelization, Intercessors of the Trinity has a vision for bringing as many people as possible to physical, emotional and spiritual healing through development of an Integrative Healthcare Center. Christian believers from numerous disciplines – medical, nutritional, spiritual – who seek the fullness of God's kingdom here on earth, will help people experience a God who is a partner in healing. All activities at the Integrative Healthcare Center will spring forth from the heart of the Trinity: God the Father’s love, Jesus who heals us, and the Holy Spirit who fills us with His power. The center will include an auditorium for presentations and conferences, rooms for prayer and spiritual direction, as well as a separate entity composed of medical professionals, nutritionists, and counselors. When people from both the medical and spiritual spheres partner with God, embracing Jesus Christ’s message of healing love and the humility of the Blessed Mother who tells us to “do whatever he tells you,” rivers of living water will flow to hurting people, transforming their lives
The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit
 Padre Pio Center
Of The  New Evangelization