Florentia's Miracle Journey

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Florentia's Miracle Journey

Deacon Brian Kerby brought Jesus in the form of Eucharist to his daughter and her husband during these enduring times, and to their surprise Florentia was filled with the joy of Holy Spirit!!!

Talitha Koum

"I have seen something I've never seen before in my career!"

The seasoned surgeon's eyes reflected a stunning realization, as he stared in disbelief. This wise Doctor, who had spent 30 years as a medical scientist … tried nobly to find a way to say the word "miracle" as he spoke about the little one-year old child.

Florentia was so ill in the hospital that she quickly had become just a number – a statistic. Not only this surgeon, but a whole team of specialists and nurses held slim hope for her survival.

Any hope of living was pinned on the success of a possible transplant, but even a new liver was no assurance they could save her.

Florentia's parents did not really know why or how she became sick, having rushed her to the emergency room from their foothills home in the dark of the night a week earlier. The staff at the hospital had various theories about the cause, but nothing conclusive.

All the doctors could say was that this toddler, the youngest of Drea and John's eight children … would probably never return home.

The 24/7 vigil started for both parents. They sent prayer requests out to our Intercessors of the Trinity community and beyond. Soon, people all over the world, including the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis in Italy, were praying for their baby.

Frantically, the hospital was able to arrange a liver transplant. But the one received was not acceptable to the team and the surgery was canceled.

A second liver was found. The team readied itself again. Quickly, though, other factors and complications set in, and surgery was delayed.

The parents and the IOTT community launched a barrage of prayers. Staff at the hospital was fairly rigid in its concerns … puzzled at some of the questions raised by the parents about good signs they thought they observed in their child … with comments about God's Providence.

Did the parents not know this is a time of doom and gloom? This little girl has only 72 hours to live!

Florentia's mother and dad were unbending, in their hope that God would come through with a blessing to save their little one.

Drea and John knew, at times like this, we can demonstrate to God our firm belief and trust in Him. Certainly, we honor God's Will, one way or the other, but it is so important that we surrender to Him and let Him handle our difficulties.

That's the lesson of this remarkable story, linked below. To see the pain and the joy in the faces of Florentia's remarkable parents … and to understand how, despite normal human fears and concerns, they were able to become His faithful witnesses … is an inspiration that we all must study … and strive to secure in our own hearts.

God is all we need, in good times and in bad. The story of Christ raising the girl from the dead was one of the strengths that came from Scripture during this most difficult week: "Talitha Koum" … which means:

"Little girl, I say to you, arise"

The prayer of this thankful community is strong. We must never forget our roles as Intercessors.

Thank you, Jesus.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


Author: Dave Fantz

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