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Listen to power testimonies about healing through the power of prayer. Thank you, Jesus!


Healing Service June
Lymphedema Healing
Ken - "Stage 4 Cancer Healed"
Fr Chris IOTT Testimony
Finding a Sacramental - The Missing Wedding Ring
No More Tears Only Joy
Testimony John Pancreatic cancer Healed
Deliverance Healing 2-20-24 testimony
Financial Distress
Ovarian Cancer Healed
Monica Testimony Girl Possessed Africa
Karen Grandbaby Diaphragmatic Hernia in Womb
Blessings Through Prayer
Noel - "Blessed with baby Isaac"
The Miracle of Prayer A Journey with Florentia
Dr. Tom Fry Testimony
Mental and Emotional Healing
The Importance of Testimony
Prostate Cancer Healing
Testimony Uterine Cancer
Back Pain Healing
Ken Testimony
Scott Collier Stage 4 Cancer Healed
Healing Through Forgiveness Testimony
Lymes Disease Chronic Fatigue
Leukemia Healing
Healed from Colon Cancer
Depression Healing
Testimony migraine headaches
Intercessors of the Trinity
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