Catechism of the Catholic Faith (CCC)

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Catechism of the Catholic Faith (CCC)

*CCC956 - The intercession of the saints. "Being more closely united to Christ,

those who dwell in heaven fix the whole Church more firmly in holiness. ... They

do not cease to intercede with the Father for us, as they proffer the merits which

they acquired on earth through the one mediator between God and men, Christ

Jesus . ... So by their fraternal concern is our weakness greatly helped." 495 Do not

weep, for I shall be more useful to you after my death and I shall help you then

more effectively than during my life. 496

I want to spend my heaven in doing good on earth. 497

A cloud of witnesses 


*CCC957 - Communion with the saints. "It is not merely by the title of example

that we cherish the memory of those in heaven; we seek, rather, that by this

devotion to the exercise of fraternal charity the union of the whole Church in the

Spirit may be strengthened. Exactly as Christian communion among our fellow

pilgrims brings us closer to Christ, so our communion with the saints joins us to

Christ, from whom as from its fountain and head issues all grace, and the life of

the People of God itself" 498 :

We worship Christ as God's Son; we love the martyrs as the Lord's disciples and

imitators, and rightly so because of their matchless devotion towards their king

and master. May we also be their companions and fellow disciples! 499

*CCC2683 - The witnesses who have preceded us into the kingdom, 41  especially

those whom the Church recognizes as saints, share in the living tradition of prayer

by the example of their lives, the transmission of their writings, and their prayer

today. They contemplate God, praise him and constantly care for those whom

they have left on earth. When they entered into the joy of their Master, they

were "put in charge of many things." 42  Their intercession is their most exalted

service to God's plan. We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the

whole world.

*Further reflection from the Catechism of the Catholic Church – CCC958-962,


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