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Your prayers and Donations will help to build the Padre Pio Center of the New Evangelization. Please make checks payable to Intercessors of the Trinity or IOTT, a 501(c)(3) entity. All contributions are tax deductible.

Send your contributions to:
Intercessors Of The Trinity PO Box 712 Evergreen, CO 80437

Building Campaign: Following the call of Pope John Paul II, IOTT responds to the New Evangelization by rekindling the fervor and ardor of the First Pentecost, proclaiming the Gospel through healings and miracles, teaching Intimacy in healing prayer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and interceding for the suffering.
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1) Inspire Spiritual Transformation: Your investment will help us create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth, where people can find solace, guidance, and strength. With each brick, we will construct a haven where individuals can receive intercessory prayer, experience profound healing, and receive the blessings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

2) Foster Unity and Community: Together, we can build more than just walls. Your support will lay the foundation for a place that will bring people together. This space will become a hub for fellowship. the Padre Pio Center will be a place for nurturing the bonds of community, and allowing individuals to forge lifelong friendships based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
3) Extend Our Reach: By contributing to the Intercessors of the Trinity Building Fund, you will help us extend our outreach initiatives. With a dedicated facility, we can expand our programs and host a wide range of events, including seminars, workshops, and retreats.
4) Secure a Legacy: Your involvement in this project is an opportunity to leave an enduring legacy that will impact future generations. By sowing into the Intercessors of the Trinity Building Fund, you become part of a timeless tapestry of devotion and dedication to the Catholic Church. Your name will forever be etched in the annals of this sacred space, a testament to your commitment to spiritual growth and community upliftment.
Join us on this remarkable journey by contributing to the Intercessors of the Trinity Building Fund Project. Every donation, regardless of size, will bring us closer to turning our vision into reality.
It is said that Faith moves mountains … through the generosity of our donors, we purchased four beautiful acres at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills in the Denver suburb of Littleton—near the intersection of C-470 and Bowles Avenue.      

Our goal is to raise $3.8 million to build the Padre Pio Center of The New Evangelization, in a pastoral setting that will flow with the beauty of the natural land and adjacent lakes. We anticipate breaking ground by Summer 2023.     Intercessors of the Trinity will attract many people to a spiritually uplifting atmosphere of prayer, teaching, healing, ministry and fellowship … raising hearts and minds to God. It will include a chapel, gathering space, coffee bar and a basement for a live streaming facility and future expansion.      

Your generosity will not only change hearts but, importantly, greatly impact the next generation … one soul at a time. By partnering with Intercessors of the Trinity, your treasure will contribute to a legacy for years to come, to bring this work to its fullest reality. "The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few" Matthew 9:37
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